I have two young boys (7 and 8) that have been training with Chris for several years now. Chris not only teaches them the fundamental skills they need, but also emphasizes good decision-making, ball movement and possession-oriented style of play that makes them strong team players. The Escola’s academy approach allows my boys to develop their skills at their own pace through practice and patience—unlike some clubs with a win first mentality. And the self-confidence they’ve gained from this training extends beyond the soccer field.

Michael Minami -

Redlands CA

Chris is very knowledgeable about the game of soccer. I have an 8 year old son who is being coached by Chris through The Escola. Chris feels it is never too early to teach young kids the fundamental rules of the game. He is very focused on teaching skills, so the children learn the correct way to play from early on. My son has learned a wealth of essential skills in just the one year he has been with The Escola.
Valerie McKenzie- Redlands, CA

Valerie McKenzie- Parent

We are so glad to have found Coach Chris Gaspar. As parents, we appreciate the positive training environment Chris provides for his players. Chris has a unique coaching style that emphasizes teaching the core fundamental skills of soccer. He has a special ability to read and understand the kids at their developmental level, challenge them appropriately, and help them grow. Chris's passion and love for the game pours out through his coaching. After experiencing other soccer clubs in our area, Coach Chris Gaspar's Escola Academy is by far the best choice.
Parents of Kadin Mangunsong (age 8)

Mangunsong Family- Redlands, CA

I owe so much to Chris for my development as a player, I honestly don’t know where to begin. I became aware of Chris when he began coaching  our group around the late 90’s. We had not seen a coach like him before and what followed was a lifetime of great memories, both for myself and his team. Chris was a main reason I was able to make the GA ODP Team and Region III ODP squad. With his training abilities, he was able to show us how to improve weakness and that helped us achieve 3 GA State Cup Championships together. He not only cared on how we developed as players but also the lessons learned along the way were equally important. I’m forever grateful to Coach Chris for all he has done for me.

Ben- United Quest

Chris did an amazing job helping me to excel as a soccer player from a very young age. He gave me the foundation and the fundamentals to succeed on the collegiate level and beyond. Chris Gaspar’s guidance and development of my soccer skills as a goalkeeper allowed me to reach my potential and be rewarded with a soccer scholarship to the University of Illinois-Chicago. With his help he paved the way for me to achieve my goals both on and off the soccer field.

Jeff Engelbrecht

From his several years of coaching with our team, Chris Gaspar helped me and my game in so many ways, helping me to improve on my ball skills and ability to play the game at a high level. His approach along with my desire and work ethic helped me get notice with the US National Team. His hard work and dedication in training to my weaknesses helped me raise my game so much that I received great recognition and a full-ride soccer scholarship. Any players or parents should see the benefit that you bring to developing players at all levels and the teachings have so much benefit to their lives beyond soccer.

Zack- United Quest

"After coaching my club team for several years and attending his winter workouts, Chris Gaspar helped me build developmental skills and overall knowledge for the game.  He transformed me from a mediocre role-player to a collegiately-recruited soccer player.  Currently I am captain of my Division-II soccer team and I owe much of my success to Chris, who I feel was the single-most influential person in my soccer career."

Michael Waldo

Chris was my coach from 7- 13 years old. I remember at the time not understanding why he taught us certain things, but looking back I'm extremely grateful for sticking with Chris because he made me the player I am today. The players that trained with him are definitely more skilled than other players, and that's not just an opinion.

Cody Russell

Chris Gaspar impacted my soccer development substantially especially in the areas of my technical development of ball skills and work ethic. He is great coach who helped push my team and me to the next level. Overall, his ability to teach me the technical and tactical areas of the game at a young age for several years set a great foundation for the player and I am today and what I hope to become.

Johnny Frampton

"Brad was fortunate enough to have Chris as his travel coach at age 7 and for several years. Chris didn't just teach the game, he also talked the game and transferred his love of soccer to Brad. Chris stressed the fundamentals (juggling, first touch, basic foot skills) and he taught them well, he also talked of the hard work and time that you need to become a elite soccer player and backed that up through his dedicated training and teachings of the game. These skills are what always helped Brad stand out at ODP and now at his Development Academy team."

Lazzari Family

Chris Gaspar was the most influential person to me through high school, inspiring me beyond the field, as his messages are fundamental and applicable to the real world and success in life. I owe much of my hard work skills and motivation to Chris and will always consider him as one of my life's greatest teachers, as well as a close and personal lifelong friend.

Kevin Duvall

Chris played a very instrumental part in developing my soccer career from a young age on. He saw potential in me at a young age and helped me develop my game around my strengths. His help and guidance helped me earn State ODP Team selection and a college soccer scholarship to play at Bradley University. Chris's passion for the game made me want to work harder everyday and become the best player I could be.

James Hedges

My experience with Coach Chris was quite unique, as I got great experience being trained by Coach and having the opportunity to play with the boys group of my age coached by him. This involvement was recommended by him and it helped me learn the game differently than I was used to, which exposed my weaknesses that Coach Chris strengthened over the years. He’s such a detailed coach and I firmly feel this is the reason I was so successful with the game at the youth and college level. He taught me to believe in my abilities and always look to improve- this approach helped me achieve at the GA State ODP, Region III ODP and US National Team level. I can honestly say that Coach Chris taught me how to be the soccer player I am.

Elizabeth- EJ

If anyone is looking for a detailed and dedicated soccer trainer or coach, look no further than Chris Gaspar. His great knowledge and experience with the game at the highest level, helped me improve my game in numerous ways and provided many great memories and successes with his team and myself. Because of his tireless attitude about development, his efforts helped me make the Georgia State ODP team and Southern Regional Team and allowed me to get an opportunity to further my playing career with a soccer scholarship to Clemson. Chris’s approach and caring attitude to the person as well as the athlete speak volumes and that’s why he’s above all the rest in my book.


Chris started coaching my daughter when she was a Sophmore in high school. My daughter had started getting bored with soccer and wasn't having much success taking her game to the next level.  Chris challenged my daughter and the rest of her team to master the basics. He brought new ideas, skills and a respect for the game that I have not seen in my 8 years of coaching.  He coached them in practice and let them play during the game.  You cannot put a price on the positive, leadership, influence and training that Chris provides.

Matthew Jensen- Parent

Chris Gaspar has been a great influence on the way both my daughters Allyssa and Cassidy play soccer. He has helped each daughter learn how to be more confident in how they play the game. Chris's continued unstoppable love for this game pours out through his superb training in Skills and proper Technique. I truly believe any player trained by Chris, from the beginner to the competitive level will always become a better player in the end. Thank You.

Frank Stencil- Parent

Chris Gaspar has been to me what water is to a plant. At a young age and for many years, Chris helped me grow and develop as a player. He instilled a passion for the game inside of me that helped me mature technically and intellectually. Without his developmental training through the years, I would not be the soccer player I am today and be enjoying soccer at the college level. We enjoyed many great personal and soccer memories through the years including State Cup Championships, Regional Championships and National successes. Just how a plant needs water to reach maturity, soccer players need coaches to bring out their best talent- Chris Gaspar did exactly that.

Ross VanOsdol

Chris just loves the game, and his passion comes from a great family soccer tradition.  He doesn’t just coach…he loves to play soccer!  Chris’ developmental skills and individual coaching helped me make the Illinois ODP Team and play for a nationally ranked club team, which resulted in several Big Ten College scholarship choices.  If you love soccer and will work hard, Chris will give you the individual advice, training, and coaching to help you reach your goals.  He really cares about his players.

Katrina Fehrenbacher

Chris Gaspar has experience at every level.  He has professional soccer experience, ODP State Coaching and Regional Team Staff Coaching experience.  His club coaching experience includes numerous State Cup championships with different age levels, US Youth Soccer Regional Championships, and National Championship appearances and successful experience coaching, training, and developing both boys and girls teams. Whether your children will eventually aspire to club, high school, or Division I soccer, Chris can provide team, group, and one-on-one training to help them reach their full potential.  His exceptional teaching abilities will help your children excel in whatever training or team environment they enter.  It is why I drove my daughter to Chris’ practices for over 6 years.

Claudia Fehrenbacher- Parent

Hello, my name is Ruben Mata Vargas. I trained and developed my game with Chris. The fundamentals of foot skills training learned with Gaspar are critical as playing level increases. Every player merits the opportunity to receive the instruction and guidance of understanding those very essential details of the game. As a child growing up around street gangs, my life could have took various turns toward outside pressures, but the thought of knowing I am expected at training and someone cares if I go to training, kept me focused on being the best player in the area. I am fortunate to say I am allowed to help train along side my mentor when he visits Illinois and I’m also proud to have lifted many cups on Sunday afternoons wearing those colors. Chris provided the atmosphere of comfortable soccer training blended with the tenacity and expectation of hard work ethic from every player, regardless of skill level. His dedication is unmatched and the results of his work are evident in the players he has produced. In Peoria, Illinois you have those who played for Gaspar and those who did not.

Ruben Vargas

Through hard work and a competitive attitude, I developed a passion for the game that I have yet to let go of. Working with Chris Gaspar gave me the opportunity to realize and act on the potential I had as an athlete. With his help and training, I was able to gain a scholarship to play soccer at University of Creighton. As I continue to grow, I find the lessons I learned from Chris as my soccer coach and trainer are still apparent in the way I approach my life today.

Nick O'Neill