The Philosophy of
The Escola Academy

The Escola Academy’s Developmental Soccer Training Programs are open to all youth players, male and female, ages three through high school, who are interested in improving their skills, tactics, and understanding of the game. It does not matter for which club, school, or organization the player is involved with, as training and development is our goal, not winning. Soccer is a game requiring great individual skill, imagination, creativity, and decision-making- The Escola Academy’s training methods focus on each of these areas of development.

The Escola Academy offers parents the opportunity to get the most value for their money.

The Developmental Training Program is the foundation of The Escola Academy and consists of:
(a) Individual Technique- skill development, creativity, and agility/coordination, and
(b) Team/Group Tactics

Strong Technical

A good technical foundation is the best tactical preparation

The Escola Academy strongly believes that a good technical foundation is the best tactical preparation and within our training regime, we utilize a combination of challenging tests and an innovative “individual skills routine” as part of the training. The Development of a soccer player is all about recognizing these qualities and creating a learning environment where all players are encouraged to polish their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, try everything, and be expected to give their best at all times. During Team Play, players build on their “skill sets or repertoire” by training at a higher pace and under more pressure. This way, they can sharpen their game both technically and tactically.

Fun & Patience

The Escola Academy Coaching Staff is committed to make soccer a fun experience for all youth players. Training players is about repetition and patience to teach, develop, and correct technique and skill. Training is also about putting players in various game-like situations to guide them into making correct tactical decisions. This approach is how The Escola Academy views the best way to bring progress and development of a well balanced, skillful, and smart soccer player.

The Escola’s Purpose

The primary purpose of The Escola Academy is to give every child an equal opportunity in their soccer careers to develop individual skills, motor skills, agility, coordination, and the basic soccer fundamentals. We strive to provide an environment where entry-level players can enjoy their first soccer experience free from pressure. Once progress is evident for an entry-level player (progression to a competitive player or elite player), then the player’s parents need to evaluate their situation and what else is needed to make the commitment to the next level (in order to bring forth further advancement). Our mission is to work with all players to improve their performance so that they may aspire to a higher level of play. Our programs’ standards of teaching the game enable players to fully realize their potential. This player-centered approach is used to develop and polish the crucial set of skills necessary for their future development as soccer players and students of the game. The success of players and teams associated with Chris Gaspar has been due to a combination of individual skills, team-oriented skill sets, and the drive within the players to push themselves to the next level.

Building Blocks

The Escola Academy uses the Portuguese philosophy and methodology to create intelligent game players with superb individual skills. To develop a well-rounded player involves a series of building blocks that a “trainer” helps to add piece by piece in a sensible order. Just as your child’s school system wouldn’t attempt to offer calculus before the students had mastered arithmetic, there can be no effective “tactics” unless players have acquired sufficient skill to physically execute what they have decided to try. Parents need to understand that youngsters will continue to develop at different rates, both psychologically and physically. Soccer is a very complex game and great diversity exists in soccer skills. Nevertheless, the athletically superior youngsters will dominate the games. However, in the long term, it is often the youngsters possessing superior skills who become the better player. With these factors in mind, parents need to be patient and support their young players, and give them a chance to feel good whenever they play soccer.

Developmental Program
The Escola Academy ‘s Developmental Program is devised of a long-range plan so the players can play in an environment conducive to the development of the wide range of skills that soccer demands. Our Developmental Program will, over time, allow some players to reach the highest standards. Not all players will develop at the same pace but all players need to train and play at the same high work rate.
Rewarding & Positive Environment
The Escola Academy’s Coaching Staff’s vast experience, expertise, and coaching techniques ensure quality instruction in the basic and advanced fundamentals and tactics of the game. At the same time, the soccer experience must be a positive and rewarding one to all who participate. The Escola Academy recognizes that each player who joins for soccer development has different needs and potential.
For All Skill Levels & Ages
The Escola Academy offers a refresher of Advanced Skills training for the competitive player. For the recreational and beginner player, Individual Skills training through our guidance helps build confidence and touch with the ball.

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