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The Escola Academy announces we have formed another official Academy team in the U8 age group, with players born in the 2011/2012 years. For many of those players they have been training with our Developmental Program for the last 3 years, developing and awaiting this transition to our Academy Team side, and the time has come. If you have a child that is interested to join this age group team and want to have our Academy staff evaluate them for their involvement within our group, send us an email or reach out via phone/text at 909-810-0011 for more info.

The Escola Academy is currently forming a Developmental League starting in mid-August, with small-sided games the emphasis for our U7/8 Academy Team, signups are currently being accepted through the City of Redlands or for anyone who has questions for signup details, contact us for more information. We will try and organize additional league games in this format for that age group consistently throughout the coming season.

The Escola Academy has an open tryout/training approach for any players interested in joining our Academy Teams. If interested, simply contact us via email (chris@theescola.com) or phone (909-810-0011) and let us know some important info for your interested soccer player- name, exact birthdate, possible info on playing history or goals for involvement with our Academy program. We have Academy Teams for the following age group teams- U14 (players born in 2005) U13 (players born in 2006); U12 (players born in 2007); U11 (players born in 2008); U10 (Players born in 2009); and U9 (players born in 2010) AND NOW U8 (players born in 2011/2012).Interested in attending tryouts or a specific training date, please call our Director, Chris Gaspar at 909-810-0011 or email at chris@theescola.com for more information on tryouts.

2019 has been another great year for The Escola Academy, as we continue to develop players of all ages and skills and help educate families about the unmatched qualities and long-term goals of our development/training approach compared to other local, soccer organizations. The Escola Academy 4th Session Developmental Training Program starts August 12, 2019 with signups currently being accepted, so call us at 909-810-0011 or email us at chris@theescola.com with questions about The Escola Academy or upcoming soccer training programs.
The Escola Academy Developmental Training is for players of all skill levels no matter team or club affiliation, aged 3 through 18, to learn and improve skills with the only year-round, soccer training-specific organization in the southern CA area. Several discounts are available for our programs so check with us for details. For The Escola Academy- City of Redlands partnership, register for the popular 3-6 Yr Old Development Skills Training & 7 Yr Old-HS Age programs through Community Center, corner of Washington and Lugonia in Redlands (by walk-in or their website at http://www.cityofredlands.org/recreation/classes- scroll down to “The Escola” to register online anytime OR Walk-in registration on Monday-Friday from 2:00PM-9:30PM AND Saturday from 8:30AM to 5PM.

The Escola’s Academy Developmental Training Breakdown
Level 1- Individual Basic Skills Development for 3-15 Yr Olds (Beginner/Rec players, skill development) (AGE-APPROPRIATE)
Level 2- Skills Advancement Training for 7 Yr Olds through 15 Yr Olds (CONTACT THE ESCOLA for DETAILS)
Level 3- Placement on Escola Academy Teams for Players ages 7 through 15 Yrs Old; The Escola Academy has Teams currently for Players aged 7 through 15 Yrs Old (CONTACT THE ESCOLA for DETAILS)
The Escola Staff will provide initial assessment/evaluation over session timeframe and give feedback regarding Level Placement for players in best training option moving forward.

If you are interested to see what The Escola Academy can offer your child, in terms of a European-based training philosophy and methodology (Portuguese to be specific), and if you are interested in joining up with us for further training AND an opportunity to play on one of our Academy Teams, contact Director-Chris Gaspar 909-810-0011, email at chris@theescola.com for more information.

The Escola’s Academy Team Program is continuing to grow, with teams forming from years of development under the guidance of our year-round training programs. The Escola Academy is always looking for families and players who are interested in long-term development and progress to join up with our family. If you have children born between 2004 THROUGH 2012 and interested in learning more about our teams or training option for your child AND learning more about the differences between an Academy philosophy of player and team development than that of typical, local soccer clubs in the area, email or call us at 909-810-0011 for more info.

The Escola Academy is currently training and developing ACADEMY GROUPS (SOME GROUPS have Academy teams already formed) for players in following ages: U8- born in 2011/2012 AND U9-born in 2010 AND U10-born in 2009 AND U11-born in 2008 AND U12-born in 2007 AND U13-born in 2006 AND U14-born in 2005. If interested in joining up with these age groups for long-term training and to see how these groups will continue to develop into quality players and Academy Teams, call Director Chris Gaspar at 909-810-0011 or email at chris@theescola.com..

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